Walnut Wonder

Our Walnut Wonder renovation in Summerside was a journey, although perhaps not as rich and diverse as the homeowners' own travels around the globe. Having lived everywhere from the bustling streets of Tanzania to the serene landscapes of Newfoundland before settling into retirement in Edmonton, their worldliness was a guiding light for the project's vision. Together, we delved into a collaborative design process, meticulously planning every detail to ensure the kitchen became a masterpiece of real walnut accented with crisp white, perfectly tailored for their unique storage needs and desire for an appliance garage. Custom shelving in the dining area, fresh paint, new flooring, and carefully selected appliances transformed the space, while the continuation of walnut on the fireplace added a warm, inviting touch. The project, though largely cosmetic, was a testament to the homeowners' amazing spirit and our shared commitment to excellence. Witnessing the transformation of Walnut Wonder was a reminder of the incredible stories spaces can tell when created with heart and purpose.