Warm & Modern Revamp

Embarking on the Warm and Modern Revamp project in the picturesque neighbourhood of Glenora was a design forward project that truly showcased our ability to blend functionality with modern aesthetics. This phased renovation allowed us to meticulously transform the living spaces of a vibrant family with two kids, ensuring each step met our clients' vision and budget. We kicked off with the main floor, infusing life into it by crafting a custom walnut fireplace surrounded by back-painted glass, an element that became the heart of their home. The custom solutions we built into the main floor not only catered to the family's need for a cozy TV room but modernized the space while maintaining a character feel. As we moved to the ensuite and primary bedroom, our focus was to maintain that warm and modern feel, designing the bathroom and bedroom to create sanctuaries that spoke to both elegance and comfort. Each phase of the renovation was a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.